How to Relieve Nerve Pain

What is pain? That’s not really an easy question to answer, but it has something to do with how and why your body responds to trauma. When something gets damaged—say you scrape your knee—it stimulates nerve endings, which sends signals back to the spinal cord and...

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What Conditions Can Laser Therapy Treat?

It’s impossible to sum up laser therapy in just one word—things like “effective,” “awesome,” “advanced,” and “revolutionary” spring to mind. But if we had to pick one, versatile would make a pretty good candidate. That’s because the extensive, wide-ranging benefits of...

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What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine. No one can quite agree on a full, precise definition of what it means and what kinds of procedures are included. But just about everyone agrees that it’s one of the most exciting developments in medicine today. In the broadest sense of the term,...

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Are Growing Pains Real?

“Growing Pains,” an 80’s sitcom starring Alan Thicke, is definitely real. That’s probably not what you’re asking, though. Growing pains, the physical phenomenon, is a little trickier to explain. Some kids do often experience unexplained pain in the legs (thighs,...

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Protecting Feet from Fall Sports

The fall sports season is in full swing for kids across the country. While the positives definitely outweigh the negatives when it comes to kids getting active again and suiting up for practices and games, rigorous athletic participation can put feet at risk. Pain,...

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Should Your Child See a Podiatrist?

Healthy feet are a critical component of a healthy life. If your feet don’t work the way they should, or quickly become painful or sore after a short period of time, it keeps you from getting through your day, enjoying hobbies, or simply getting the exercise and...

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