Wash, wash!

I know this may sound silly and a simple task, but you will be surprised at how often people forget to focus on their feet while showering! Meaning getting in between those toes and scrubbing anything you might’ve collected with your feet throughout the day!

Not realizing…

Every day, you are constantly moving and on your feet. Which causes you to sweat especially if you are wearing close toed shoes. Or if your being comfortable in your own home you are probably walking around barefoot. Walking around barefoot can be a bad habit if you’re doing it too often. Your feet will collect dirt, dust, bacteria, you name it. This is also one way you can contract Fungus. Or often causing dried crack skin/callus’. 

Make a Change!!

It is important to practice good foot and nail hygiene and take the steps to prevent yourself from having future problems that can be avoided. Such as changing your socks multiple times a day daily if you tend to sweat more than others. Never sharing shoes or socks with others. Owning at least two pair of every day shoes that you can switch from day to day. So that your letting each pair dry out a full 24 hours between uses. And of course, WASHING YOUR FEET every day! 


It is good to establish good habits with your feet. Make it apart of your everyday routine and trust me your feet will thank you later!! Another good habit is to establish seeing a Podiatrist! If you are needing to address any ankle or feet problems The Kansas Foot Center is always here to serve you. Call to schedule an appointment today, 866-222-5177!