Treatment for Forefoot Pain

by | Sep 15, 2016 | General Foot Care

At Kansas Foot Center, we’re firm believers that you can’t provide the right treatment for forefoot pain until you know at least two things: (1) what caused the pain in the first place, and (2) the personality, needs, and goals of the patient. Every patient and every foot is unique, so we need to tailor our approach on a case by case basis. To that end, we provide a wide variety of options to address your pain.

In most causes of forefoot pain, the most significant underlying cause is some variation on “overuse.” In other words, after withstanding a lot of weight and pressure over an extended period of time, the soft tissues in the balls of your feet start to wear down. In some cases, the bones may even crack (stress fractures). This could be from wearing bad shoes (those with high heels, tight toe boxes, don’t fit, are worn out, etc.), being significantly overweight, having an underlying structural defect in your feet, too much impact exercise, or some combination of these and other factors.

Often, then, the first stage of treatment is to identify which of these factors are most instrumental in your case of foot pain and addressing them appropriately. Invest in a good, well made pair of shoes that fits you correctly. Eat right, get your weight under control, and modify your activity schedule as you are able to give your feet enough of a break between high-stress activities. For those who have particularly stubborn pain, advanced laser therapy may be considered as well.

Foot shape issues can often be best addressed through a custom orthotic. These devices are specially made to fit your feet and provide exactly what your feet need to feel better, whether that’s extra cushioning, arch support, motion control, or something else.

Surgery is rarely required. However, if you do have a more significant structural deformity (say a bunion, hammertoes, or adult-acquired flatfoot), and conservative options haven’t been able to cut it, it might be the best option.

When you need care for your forefoot pain, trust your feet to Dr. Thomas Truong and the team at Kansas Foot Center in Wichita. Fill out our online contact form to request an appointment online, or give us a call at 866.222.5177.