Are you like everyone else right now and Spring Cleaning..?

Like clock work, Spring is here! Everyone is out enjoying the beautiful weather.. Some of us may be stuffing Winter clothes in to bags and hauling them away to the attic. While others are may be out working on their overdue lawn.. Well whatever it is that you are doing to prepare yourself for Spring, we are all right there with you! Do you know what else should be apart of your Spring Cleaning..? Did you say a feet evaluation?? YOU ARE CORRECT. This is a PERFECT time to get your feet evaluated. Especially after hibernating all Winter long.

This season will spring on by..

Before we know it we will be jumping into Summer. That is another reason why it’s a perfect time to start preparing for outdoorsy beautiful weather. Let’s make sure when you work on that lawn your feet doesn’t start hurting after a short period of time. Let’s make sure when you go out for a jog you can run miles, and show your dog he can’t outrun you anymore! Let’s make sure when you are outside enjoying Spring you have fond memories to look back on and not about how your feet caused you miserable pain.

Let’s start Spring..

The right way. Come see the Kansas Foot Center for all your ankle and feet problems. We are here for you with best and advanced treatments of today’s technology! We are here to educate, be effective and efficient! Call us today to schedule your appointment 866-222-5177, don’t wait. Today is the day! Oh happy day!