Your Options for Ingrown Toenails

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Nail & Skin Care

People like having choices. From menu options to car models to clothing styles, it’s helpful to be able to choose what fits you and your needs best. For some medical issues, including toe problems like ingrown nails, you have options as well. Different treatment options for ingrown toenails enable you to get the best care for your toe that fits your needs.

Ingrown nails develop when the edge or corner of one a nail curves and grows into the fleshy part of your digit. This is one of those problems that gets worse the longer you leave it alone. When you catch and address it early, however, there are a variety of treatment options for ingrown toenails that may be helpful for eliminating the problem and your pain:

  • Lifting and splinting – When your nail is just starting to become ingrown, it may be possible to lift that edge and encourage it to grow straight. The keratin is gently lifted above the skin, while a “splint” of cotton or floss is placed under it to keep it lifted.
  • Warm foot soaks – For mild ingrown nails, warm foot soaks can help manage pain and swelling in your digit.
  • Changing your shoes – Often shoes make nail problems worse. If you wear footwear that pinches or presses on your toes, change to styles that have plenty of room in the toe box.
  • Ingrown nail removal – Some ingrown nails are too advanced and need to be either partially or completely removed. This procedure is quick and offers immediate relief. It can also be paired with a treatment to prevent your nail from re-growing if you’re prone to the problem.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment in Wichita, Newton, and Emporia

Different ingrown toenail treatment options may fit your life and the stage of your condition better than others. The best way to determine which options will work for your toes is to get help for your nails as soon as you can. Let our team at The Kansas Foot Center in Wichita, KS, examine and treat your toes so you no longer have to deal with ingrown nail pain. Call (866) 222-5177 or use our website to reach us.