Know When Your Feet Need a Rest

by | Jul 28, 2017 | General Foot Care

Although we always say that foot pain is not normal—and it isn’t!—we’re also quite confident that pretty much everyone has experienced sore, achy feet at one point or another. A tough day of hiking, a long day on your feet at work, training for a new sport, or even spending a few hours in line for a roller coaster can give you that achy feeling. It happens. 

The important thing is that you know when to give your feet a break. Of course, feet are designed to handle a heavy load for hours at a time, day after day. But they can still wear down, especially if you lead a more sedentary life and suddenly put them through a burst of activity. 

When feet are in pain due to overuse or a sudden change in your routine, they will need adequate time to recover. Continuous overuse is a contributing factor to many problems, including chronic heel paintendinitis, and even stress fractures of the bone. While we don’t want you to stop being active, pounding the pavement over and over again without a break is a great way to slowly turn a minor injury into a major one. 

That doesn’t mean stop moving! It just means that you might want to cross-train a bit and spend a few days on exercises that don’t put so much stress on your feet—swimming, hitting the weights, or going for a bike ride, just to name a few examples. When you get back to activities that have caused foot pain in the past, try to start slowly and work your way gradually to more intense activity. Over time, you get better and better at managing more and more athletic exercise without discomfort. 

Furthermore, we can help ease chronic pain through treatments like laser therapy or custom orthotics. Of course, you could also book an appointment at Piede Foot Spa for some nice, relaxing pampering! 

If you take care of your feet, they’ll take care of you. To set an appointment with the team at Kansas Foot Center in Wichita, give us a call today at (866) 222-5177.