Shoes play a vital role when it comes to your feet. You wear shoes every day, and for long hours of the day sometimes. It’s important that you are wearing shoes that are going to provide you the comfort that you need, and the support.  

Are you buying the right shoes?

When it comes to buying shoes, it can be very tricky. I say this because every shoe manufacturer builds their shoes differently. Sizes may run smaller, or sizes may run bigger. Ordering shoes may always be convenient, but because you just never know what you are going to get it’s best to try on your shoes. You may be a person who has feet that are two different sizes. Yes, that is common! Your feet might be wider, or it may be narrower than others. All these types of things can play a factor when buying a good pair of shoes. You don’t want something that is too tight fitting, or shoes that are too loose. As these can be contributing factors to causing feet problems. It’s important to have an accurate measurement of your feet and not to buy shoes based on how you think it should feel.  

Certain brands build their shoes for cosmetic purposes only and not for the comfort or support. These shoes look great, yes! But they aren’t shoes you would want to wear daily. Finding shoes that are going to have some type of support will work best for your daily activities.  If you are experiencing foot pain, or any foot related problems call us today, 866-222-5177. We are here to serve you and getting you back on your feet!