How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Going? (And How Foot Care Can Help)

by | Feb 21, 2019 | General Foot Care

So how are your health goals for the year going?

Wait, come back!

This is not going to be one of those “told you so” sorts of articles that dives into the data of why so many people’s New Year’s resolutions never come to fruition and crash partway through February. It happens, but let’s not descend into shame here.

The fact you have made a goal for the new year—or at any point in time, really—shows that you have that initial eye on your self-improvement and a willingness to get it done. The fact that things might have gotten off to a rocky start does not mean that they have failed for good.

If you are struggling to stay on the wagon with your health and fitness goals, you are certainly not alone. We have some advice on how to keep yourself going. Some are related to foot care; some not (we can’t talk about feet all the time, can we?).

Plan Your Steps Forward

If you have a goal in mind but think that you can get there just by making the right spur-of-the-moment choices, you are much more likely to betray yourself and fall away.

Setting up a schedule and plan of action is going to provide a much more stable and structured approach to achievement. This might involve planning your meals through the week and getting some preparatory cooking done on the weekend. Or you might create a calendar that carves out time for those workouts you’re going to do.

Knowing you have a plan will help you feel more confident and accountable, while simultaneously reducing those potential “moments of weakness” where you know you should be doing something right but just aren’t sure what.

If your plan involves activity, such as running, scheduling is also a great way to ensure your intensity is increasing gradually and you have proper rest days planned. This will help you avoid overuse injuries such as stress fractures or Achilles tendinitis.

Make One Change at a Time

Humans are creatures of habit. A lot of the things we do in a day stem from behaviors we have ingrained in ourselves over an expansive course of time. Trying to disrupt that all at once can be very challenging. It can even be downright anxiety-inducing!

It may be more helpful to focus on one change at a time, or to phase a change in gradually (make it part of your plan!). If you’re cutting back on sugar, start by giving yourself smaller portions of dessert, or replacing it with something else you enjoy that’s healthier.

The big focus we place on a “New Year’s resolution” can encourage an all-or-nothing mentality, but it does not have to be that way. Focus less on the pressure of reaching your goal and more on the small choices you’re making to get there.

Don’t Keep Your Goals Secret

Resolutions can be personal at times, but sharing them with those you know can greatly improve your accountability.

A broken resolution that you’ve never shared with anyone is like a tree that falls in the forest. Even if it makes a sound, it’s not going to have any real consequence. Telling others about your ambitions is like having a few park rangers around that tree, ready to help pick it up if it falls or even steadying it if it starts to wobble!

(Was that metaphor a bit strange? We’re sticking with it, anyway.)

Some of the best people to talk with are naturally those who have the same goals as you, or have already met those goals in the past. They will understand what you’re going through and offer encouragement and advice. Don’t be afraid to offer mutual support to them as well!

And, of course, there are plenty of professionals who are happy to help as well. We’re here if you have questions or problems concerning your feet and ankles in your fitness goals.

Don’t tell everyone your resolutions, though. If you know someone who’s constantly negative or wouldn’t support your goals, keep them out of it. You don’t need the discouragement.

Admit to Yourself That This Isn’t a First-Try Game

If you go into a resolution on nothing but sheer willpower, the odds are high that you will end up feeling defeated as soon as something goes wrong. And if you’ve paid attention to the world around you, you know that something will always go wrong.

You can expect failures and shortcomings to happen. It is those times when you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it, but simply acknowledge the setback and recommit.

You didn’t learn to swim or ride a bike on your very first attempt, right? Failures and learning are more than part of being human! Learn something new from each fall, adjust your strategy and you’ll be stronger every time you get back on track.

We’ll Help You Get Back on Track, Too!

Hopefully, an obstacle in your goals has not involved pain or injury to your feet or ankles. If it has, however, you should know by now that your efforts are far from ended!

Call Kansas Foot Center at (866) 222-5177. We can provide the best treatments to get you back into action, as well as advice and preventative care to keep pother hurdles from developing in the future. It’s all part of adapting, resetting, and moving on!

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