Fall Fun (and Foot Care) in Wichita!

by | Sep 13, 2018 | General Foot Care

Summer, as always, is sinking low over the horizon. Autumn in Wichita is coming.

We know there are a few different schools of thought on the subject. Some of you are raging with the dying embers of the season, wishing you had taken more vacation time.

Others are saying good riddance—eventually—to the heat, already shopping for Halloween supplies, and already tasting the first hints of pumpkin spice on your tongues (if you haven’t already found something dripping with it)!

Whatever your views on fall are, there are still plenty of fun ways to spend autumn in the Wichita region. We have a few family-friendly suggestions for things to try as the leaves change. And, since it’s kind of our job, we’ll provide a few tidbits of foot care advice as well.

Fall Fun

Peep Leaves on Foot or By River

Autumn is a fantastic time to get outside and watch nature’s transformation over the course of a few months.

Luckily, our area has no shortage of excellent nature trails to take in autumn’s beauty. The Chisholm Creek Park Nature Trail, Chaplin Nature Center, the Chautauqua Hills Trail at Cross Timbers State Park, and Buffalo Tracks Canyon Nature Trail at Kanopolis State Park all provide wonderful opportunities for hikes of different distances and durations.

Walking is great, but have you also considered checking out the trees from the vantage point of the river? If you are kayak-savvy, you can always rent one from state parks that offer them. A few even provide guided floating events if you want to have someone more experienced watching over you.

The Arkansas River Coalition also tends to host floating events of their own through the autumn. These are free, but they do ask a donation if you use their equipment.

Fall Foot Care Tip! Before going out on a long walk, make sure you have a pair of comfortable, trusted shoes that provide the cushioning and support you need. Don’t take this time to try out a new pair unless you’re going on a walk for an hour or so. It never hurts to bring a fresh pair of socks along either, in case you get wet. It not only helps prevent miserable, squishy returns to the car, but your skin will thank you, too.

Get Chili!

Things don’t exactly get “chilly” yet, but that won’t stop plenty of people from heating up at the annual Wichita Wagonmasters Downtown Chili Cookoff!

This year’s event will be Sept. 22 along the 600 block of East Douglas Street. Public tasting starts at noon with a $5 cover charge.

More than 70 teams are expected, and will be cooking up delicious samples in categories such as “Red Chili,” “Chili Verde,” “Anything Goes” and “No-Beans About It.” Just remember: all chili is enjoyed best in moderation! (Until maybe you find your favorite.)

Fall Foot Care Tip! We’re not saying you should rub chili on your feet, but the capsaicin that makes chili peppers hot can have beneficial effects on long-term nerve pain in the feet. Ask us for more information on this and other forms of neuropathy treatment.

Chili Cook Off

Get Medieval at the Great Plains Renaissance Festival

If you’d like to traverse land that is less modern and a bit more whimsical, the Great Plains Renaissance Festival at Sedgwick County Park is quite the option!

This year’s festival will be held Sept. 29-30 and feature a bevy of entertainment. Jousters, jesters, blacksmiths, pirates, fairies, and plenty more will be present! All adult tickets purchased online come with a free child’s ticket as well.

You can bring a sword if you want, but it must be bound and unable to be drawn. They have knives and such to cut your turkey, anyway.

Fall Foot Care Tip! You might hear some wild yarns from storytellers at the festival, but don’t take any old tales about foot care! Cutting a “V” into your toenail won’t help relieve your ingrown toenail pain, and warts don’t have “seeds” you need to remove. If you have questions, come to us instead!

Go Dog Wild at Woofstock

Do you like dogs? Do you wish you were around more dogs?

Then Woofstock 2018 on October 6this your destination! For a general admission of $10, you can celebrate all things dog-related at Sedgwick County Park, from races to agility courses to even doggy musical chairs. All proceeds go to the Kansas Humane Society to help provide care and homes for wonderful animals.

Fall Foot Care Tip! This one is for our four-legged friends. After a fun day out, check your dog’s paws for foreign objects such as pebbles, briars, and other debris. If the pads look dry and cracked, you should also see your vet regarding some moisturizing options—just like you should see your podiatrist if your own feet look the same!

Running Shoes

Enjoy Autumn with Full Comfort and Mobility

Wherever your journeys take you in the latter half of the year, we wish you the best fun and memories. Naturally, that includes pain-free feet and freedom from any other unwelcome problems that might arise!

For any foot and ankle concerns you might have, Kansas Foot Center is here to help. We take pride in providing conservative treatments for a variety of conditions. These include both tried and true methods as well as the latest in technology. Whatever the problem, we can help you come to a solution that best fits your individual needs.

Our offices in Wichita and Newton are open for you and your health. Give us a call at (866) 222-5177 or fill out our online contact from to have a member of our team reach out to you.