Watch Out for Signs of a Foot Infection

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Diabetic Foot Care

Size isn’t a great predictor of how serious a problem will be. Bacteria is microscopic, but a colony can grow and spread until it becomes a dangerous, and possibly life-threatening, problem. You can develop infections anywhere throughout your body. Cuts and puncture wounds to your feet are particularly susceptible to infections, which can slow your healing and create serious complications. That’s why watching your feet for signs of infection is incredibly important.

A foot infection can set into any kind of tissue, from your skin down to your bones. Catching and treating the problem early can eliminate it and prevent serious (or permanent) damage, while missing or ignoring the signs of infection can allow it to continue damaging tissues. This could potentially deteriorate into gangrene or other life-threatening complications. Eventually it can even spread to other parts of the body.

So, recognizing red flags that are potential signs of foot infection is crucial for foot health. These can develop whether there’s an obvious wound to your foot or not. If an infection has set in, here are a few symptoms that should be checked out right away:

  • Inflammation – This causes redness and irritation on the surface of your foot.
  • Increased swelling – Most likely, the affected spot will swell up.
  • Warm to the touch – The reddened surface of your foot will “radiate” heat and feel warm when you touch it.
  • Tenderness and pain – Touching the swollen area will be uncomfortable for your foot.
  • An abscess, pus or oozing – Sometimes the affected spot will develop a painful abscess. Cuts, wounds, or the ingrown edge of a nail could ooze or pus, too.

Getting a potential infection checked and tested is even more important if you have poor circulation or live with a condition like diabetes, since this weakens your immune system. Your body won’t be able to effectively fight off even small infections. Diagnosing and treating the problem is the only way to prevent complications. If you’re at all concerned you may have an infection, contact us. Let our team at The Kansas Foot Center take care of your lower limbs and any wounds today. Call (316) 283-4330 or use our website to make an appointment.