Toenail Fungus Treatment: Laser or Medication?

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Toenail Fungus

If you or someone you love happens to have an unsightly case of fungal toenails and you’re thinking about finally getting it treated, you might be aware that there’s a relatively new treatment option on the scene: laser therapy. This technology has shown some promising results, but most people understandably still have questions. Is it really that much better than traditional oral and topical antifungal medications? Which should I choose?

Let’s start with that first question: is laser treatment that much better? In our experience, the answer is a resounding “yes!” From a medical perspective, the benefits of a laser are numerous and striking:

  • The cure rates for laser treatment are much higher than that of antifungal medications.
  • There are no side effects. Oral antifungals, by contrast, can cause a range of troublesome problems, including rashes and liver damage.
  • It’s convenient. Instead of taking pills every day for 6 or 12 weeks, you simply need a few brief sessions with the laser at our office—usually around 3 sessions, for 15-20 minutes each.
  • You get faster results. Although both options ultimately take months to achieve full results (you’re limited by how fast the nail grows), the laser eradicates fungus and reduces inflammation faster, which can often bring noticeable clearing of the nail after just one or two sessions.

You can probably tell that, at The Kansas Foot Center, we’re big fans of laser treatment! That said, the main drawback for many is that, depending on your insurance coverage, laser treatment may be more expensive out of pocket than a prescription for antifungals.

Your Choices for Fungal Nail Treatment

So, about that second question: which should you choose? To be honest, that one is a bit of a false choice: the two options aren’t mutually exclusive, and if you are healthy enough to take the oral medications safely, there’s no reason you can’t do laser therapy, too! We are sensitive to all our patients’ medical needs and financial means, and will be happy to talk with you about a treatment option that makes the best sense for your situation.

Toenail fungus may be a resilient and embarrassing foe, but today there are more options than ever that can help you effectively eradicate the problem. If you want your healthy toenails back, please call Dr. Truong at the Kansas Foot Center in Wichita today. You can reach our office at (866) 222-5177, or fill out our online contact form. If you’d like to learn more about laser treatment, you can also download our free guide.