Tips for Halting Heel Pain During the Day

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Heel and Arch Pain

Whether you’re an athlete, your job keeps you on your feet every day, or you’re a retiree with active hobbies, daily heel pain is a major obstacle. Pain makes those last few hours of your shift seem endless. It forces you to cut that trip to Botanica short and bail out on all the other fun activities you might have planned for the day. It forces you to give up on daily tasks and collapse on the couch in frustration.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you begin to feel heel pain rising during your day, try these self-management tips to keep you feeling stronger for longer:

  • Take a quick break. If possible, plan your day to avoid long and unbroken stretches of standing (or sitting), but alternate your activities and take regular breaks to let your feet recover.
  • Often, tight tissues in the soles of feet and backs of the legs contribute significantly to heel pain. Wiggle your toes and stretch your feet and calves regularly throughout the day.
  • Giving yourself a quick foot massage can help alleviate stresses and improve blood flow to the feet. Start at the heel and work forward into the arch and balls of the feet. You can also grab a golf ball, water bottle, or other rounded object and roll it under your arch for a few minutes.
  • Switch shoes. Actually, you should just start with the right shoes in the first place. Shoes that are too big or small, not cushioned properly in the heel, or don’t support the arch properly all facilitate the development of heel pain. Get a pair of comfy walking shoes for your day-to-day activity. If pain persists, you may need to look into prefabricated arch supports or custom orthotics.
  • Modify activities. Now, this doesn’t mean “don’t live the lifestyle you want.” It just means carefully consider whether there are reasonable adjustments you can make to your daily or weekly routine that can help. For example, if you like to run or play sports, try doing a little more low-impact activity (like cycling) and a little less high-impact.

If pain continues to return during your daily activities, and these in-the-moment relief tips aren’t providing enough relief, please visit the Kansas Foot Center for a more thorough evaluation. Our team offers lots of effective options for stubborn heel pain, including custom orthotics, shockwave therapy, laser therapy, and other remedies. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (866) 222-5177.