Think Orthotics Might Not Be For You? Think Again!

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

Orthotics are one of the most versatile, adaptable, effective tools in a podiatrist’s arsenal. If you have any kind of foot pain, any kind of chronic or recurring injury, or even pain in your knees, hips, and back, there’s a pretty good chance orthotics can help you. A significant percentage of foot and ankle issues stem at least partially from poor foot biomechanics, which means that orthotics—when properly selected and fitted by an expert—can have a profoundly positive effect on your symptoms.

Don’t think orthotics are for you? We’ve heard several objections and protestations.

  • Those are only for seniors! Not true. People of all ages and activity levels can benefit from orthotics, including children, high school athletes, and young adults. Many of the structural problems that orthotics are designed to treat are inherited genetically, meaning they can start causing problems as soon as you first start to walk.
  • I already tried shoe inserts and they didn’t help. Not all orthotics are created equal. You can’t just pull some “custom” insoles off the shelf and expect that they’ll solve all your problems. Only a specialist can determine what kind of orthotics you need and fit you with a pair that will offer the best care.
  • I don’t want to wear these for the rest of my life! You might not have to. Some orthotics are only needed for certain activities or during a recovery phase of treatment after an acute injury. Sometimes they form an “intermediate” step of treatment until a surgical procedure at some indeterminate point in the future. And yes, some people do continue to wear orthotics “for life,” just as most people with glasses or contacts must continue to wear corrective lenses for life. As with glasses and contacts, we consider orthotics to be a small inconvenience if they allow you to be fully active without pain.
  • My current orthotics aren’t working as well as they used to. This could be a sign that either your orthotics have worn down, or your foot shape or biomechanics have changed since they were prescribed. This does not necessarily mean you have “grown out” of needing orthotics. More likely you need to have your current orthotics adjusted, refurbished, repaired, or replaced.
  • I can’t afford custom orthotics. We do everything we can to make sure effective treatment is affordable to all our patients. Custom orthotics are costlier up front than store-bought insoles (they average about $500). However, they should also last you much longer. And because they work better, they can save you the cost and inconvenience of returning to the doctor for future pain and injury. They may also be at least partially covered by your insurance. Once you factor these in, custom orthotics may actually be the best long-term value.

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