Why Taking Care of Heel Pain Should Be Priority One

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Heel and Arch Pain

When you have a long to-do list, deciding what your top priority should be isn’t always clear. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, while other times it can have a big impact on your life.

When your to-do list is packed with items from work and helping your family, it can be all too easy to allow things related to your own health to slip further and further down that list. When you have heel pain, though, you shouldn’t put off getting care. Taking care of heel pain should be a top priority, so the chronic problem doesn’t cause issues in other areas of your life.

Heel pain has many potential causes, from plantar fasciitis to Achilles tendinitis to Haglund’s deformity and more. One thing all these conditions have in common, however—besides affecting your heel—is that they do not get better on their own. In fact, left unaddressed and untreated, they tend to get worse.

Don’t Wait with Heel Pain!

Still, when heel pain arises, many people are tempted to put off care. Life is busy and you have more important things to do than worry about your heels, right? Unfortunately, this attitude can turn what starts as a small problem into something much bigger. The worse heel pain gets, the harder it is to eliminate. Standing and walking, whether for your job, a trip to the grocery store, or simply working around the house, can become very uncomfortable for you.

Taking care of your heel pain is important not just for your own pain relief, but for your health in general, your job, and even caring for your family. Pain can be a more powerful limiting factor to your mobility and independence than you may realize. Also, an issue in your heels can sometimes contribute to pain elsewhere in your body and other lower limb problems, compounding everything.

Your whole body is connected and your feet are your foundation. You need them to stand, walk, and otherwise be active for your job and many other responsibilities that pack your to-do lists. Taking care of your heel pain now helps eliminate the problem before it takes a negative toll on other areas of your life. Let our lower limb experts at The Kansas Foot Center in Wichita, KS, help you with your heels today. Don’t wait any longer. Call (866) 222-5177 or use our online request forms to reach us for more information.