Skin and Nail Infection Prevention Tips

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Nail & Skin Care

We love seeing all of our patients here at The Kansas Foot Center, but always prefer it when you are able to prevent a condition from happening in the first place. This is true whether we are talking about painful sports injuries, serious diabetic foot issues, or even skin and toenail infections.

There are many reasons why anyone would want to avoid infection, but this can be particularly important for those who live with diabetes. This condition impairs the body’s ability to fight off an existing infection, so prevention takes on a heightened importance.

With all of that in mind, take advantage of the following these skin and nail infection prevention tips:

  • Keep your feet dry. This is one of the best ways to prevent an infection in your lower limbs. The microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) that cause problems for your toenails and skin do best in damp, warm environments. Your feet, especially when they are sweaty or following a shower or bath, provide such an environment, so you need to take moisture out of the equation. If your socks or shoes become wet or damp, replace them with dry ones. Choose footwear that wicks moisture (socks) and allows your feet to breathe (shoes).
  • Use antifungal sprays or powders. Applying antifungal products to your feet and footwear will help to eliminate the offensive microorganisms that cause the infections. In addition to over-the-counter products, there are several “home remedy” methods that can also be effective.
  • Don’t share towels, socks, shoes, etc. One of the ways that infections are transferred from person to person is through the use of sharing items with an infected individual. Since it can be difficult to tell if a friend or sibling has a fungal infection, your best course of action is to avoid using towels, socks, shoes, and razors that someone else uses.
  • Protect your feet. Areas that are frequently contaminated included communal showers, pool decks, and gym locker room floors. If you visit any of these kinds of places, be sure to wear shower shoes or sandals to keep your feet safe.

These skin and nail infection prevention tips will help to lower your odds of facing an infection, but it may be difficult to completely eliminate all risk. If infection does strike, be sure to contact The Kansas Foot Center and arrange a visit to receive the help you need. Call us for more information at (866) 222-5177 or take advantage of our online form to request an appointment at any of our Wichita, Emporia, or Newton, KS offices today.