Could my shoes be causing my bunions?

For a long time, people have blamed shoes—particularly fashionable women’s models like stilettos and pumps—for the development of bunions. This is often attributed to two basic facts: that women are more likely to develop bunions than men, and high-heeled shoes place extra pressure on the front of the foot. In spite of this, there is increasing belief in the medical community that shoes do not cause bunions.

That said, it does seem rather likely that footwear choices can exacerbate an existing structural issue and contribute to the worsening of a bunion. The initial development, though, typically stems from inherent structural issues in the affected foot. These include low arches and muscle imbalance, instability, and hypermobility in the joint where the big toe connects to the foot.

No matter the source of your bunion, you will be able to find the care you need at The Kansas Foot Center. We are committed to helping our patients overcome a wide range of foot and ankle issues, including this progressive toe deformity that will likely worsen if left untreated. Schedule your appointment online at any of our Kansas offices—Wichita, Emporia, and Newton— or call (866) 222-5177 for more information.

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