Men Shouldn’t Be Shy about Foot Pampering

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Foot Spa, Nail & Skin Care

The first image most people think of when they hear “foot spa” or “pedicure” is a bunch of women chatting together as they have their feet massaged and their nails painted. No one thinks of men enjoying a nice foot pampering session after a hard week at work. And yet, foot spas and pampering in general aren’t just for women. Men’s feet can benefit from skin and nail care that comes from a little pampering. So, men, you shouldn’t shy away from a spa day and the little extra foot care that your lower limbs really deserve.

Men are just as rough on their feet as women. They suffer the same types of problems: dry skin, callus build-up, unhealthy nails, poor trimming habits, and sore lower limbs. A little extra care can go a long way toward promoting healthier feet. More than that, taking the time to relax and pamper your feet can help reduce stress and give you a little time to yourself without worries.

Far too many men are embarrassed to be seen going to a spa for foot pampering or aren’t interested in pampering that often involves feminine scents and colorful nail polishes. That’s why the Piede Foot Spa through The Kansas Foot Center offers a “Gentleman’s Foot Facial,” designed with men who need a little pampering in mind.

This experience involves a beer-infused foot soak and foot scrub for softer, healthier skin, counteracting your callus build-up. The alcohol content also acts as an antiseptic for your feet. You’ll get a warm foot and leg masque with steam towels, as well as a lower limb massage. You’ll also get detailed nail care without the colorful polish, so your nails are trimmed correctly and healthily by our experienced and licensed nail technicians.

Men, you don’t have to skip over or be shy about foot pampering at a spa. You can relax and take care of your feet at the same time with a little quality foot care. Contact the Piede Foot Spa for more information, or to schedule your own manly pedicure today. You can reach the spa through The Kansas Foot Center in Wichita by using our website, or by calling (316) 712-0255.