What are laser treatments used for?

Lasers are concentrated, intense beams of light used by medical professionals and calibrated to effectively achieve various objectives. Advances in medical technology have helped make laser treatments a viable, safe option for handling a variety of foot issues.

One of the issues that can be addressed with the use of laser therapy is fungal nail infections. There are other treatment options (oral and topical medications) for this condition, but lasers are more effective and do not pose the risk of unwanted side effects.

In addition to treating toenail fungus, laser therapy can be used for treating neuroma pain, plantar fasciitis, and tendinitis. For these kinds of conditions, the concentrated light beams are able to trigger cell regeneration and growth, which speeds up recovery time. It also minimizes pain and inflammation, while at the same time improving circulation to the affected area.

Laser therapy is a safe, painless, and effective tool used to treat many different foot problems. Contact The Kansas Foot Center for more information or to request an appointment with our Newton, Emporia, or Wichita, KS offices. Call (316) 283-4330 or fill out our online form to reach us today.