What are the best shoes to wear for diabetics?

Diabetes is a serious disease that can negatively impact your feet in a lot of ways, including making them more susceptible to injuries and infections. Shoes play a big role in protecting the lower limbs from damage, so wearing the right shoes for diabetic feet is important. Your footwear should be supportive and provide cushioning to help you absorb hard impacts when you walk or are otherwise active. Your shoes shouldn’t rub against your feet or irritate your skin. The rubbing can lead to blisters or calluses, which can degenerate into ulcers. Avoid high heels or styles without enough arch support to manage pressure on your lower limbs.

If your diabetes is severe and you struggle with neuropathy or other complications, you may need special diabetic shoes that can be prescribed to you for your unique feet. Let our team at The Kansas Foot Center help you find the right shoes for your diabetic feet so you can protect your lower limbs. Make an appointment at our Wichita office by calling (316) 283-4330 or by using out online forms today.