Should I consider bunion surgery?

There are conservative treatment options for addressing a bunion, but there are also times when we will recommend bunion surgery. Our goal is to always use nonsurgical treatments when possible. In the case of a bunion, this can include pads, taping, medication, icing, and orthotic devices. If the bunion is not responding to conservative methods and providing the relief we would hope to see, we may consider surgery as an option.

Surgery is typically reserved for bunions that cause frequent, severe pain or ones that interfere with your daily activities. If we recommend a procedure, we will carefully discuss beforehand everything you need to know—all the way through your recovery. This enables you to make an informed decision.

At The Kansas Foot Center, you can always find the care you need, whether conservative or surgical in nature. Dr. Truong explores nonsurgical treatments first, and only uses surgery as a last resort, but is also a highly-skilled, experienced foot surgeon.

We have offices in Wichita, Emporia, and Newton, KS, so give us a call at (316) 283-4330 and find out how we can help you overcome foot and ankle pain. If you’d prefer, schedule your appointment for any of our locations online today.

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