Clearing up Toenail Fungus with Laser Therapy

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Nail & Skin Care

If you’ve ever had a fungal toenail infection (or if you have one right now), you’ve probably realized that it’s just not eager to go away. While many of the diseases and infections we experience are self-limiting—a cold or a fever will subside with time—toenail fungus requires active treatment to eradicate. With nice, warm conditions and a limitless supply of tasty keratin, once the fungus finds the underside of your nail it won’t go without a fight.

Fortunately, that fight has gotten a lot easier in the past few years. Unlike traditional oral antifungal treatments, which can come with so-so cure rates and potentially nasty side effects, laser treatment for fungal toenails can clear up toenails with much less hassle, no discomfort or side effects, and offers much better success rates—perhaps 85-90 percent instead of the 40-50 of oral medications. More good news: it’s available at the Kansas Foot Center in Wichita.

The Noveon laser we use in our office is fully approved by the FDA. The trick is the dual wavelengths of focused light beams: they pass through the nail like it isn’t there and attack the fungus underneath, without causing any pain or distress or harming any of your body’s cells.

Many people realize the clearing effects of laser treatment in as few as two or three 15-minute appointments, although the ultimate number of sessions required will depend on the severity of your condition. Once the fungus has been killed, it’s just a matter of waiting for new, healthy nail to grow in and replace the damaged portion.

If you’ve struggled with unsightly fungal nails for years, now may be the time to see if laser treatment can return the healthy, happy nails you’ve been missing to you. You can request an appointment with the Kansas Foot Center by filling out our contact form on this very website, or by calling us today at 866.222.5177.