Can’t Sit? How to Avoid Heel Pain From Standing All Day

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Heel and Arch Pain

When your heels are hurting, one of the first things many podiatrists will tell you to do is to take a little break and get off your feet. Simple rest is often an effective remedy for mild foot pain, but it isn’t going to do you much good if you have to be on your feet all day! Teachers, parents, health care workers, airline workers—a lot of people in Wichita don’t have the luxury of sitting down for too long! Heel pain from standing for long periods of time is more common than you might think.

Here are some tips that can help reduce and prevent heel pain even for those who spend much of the day on their feet:

  • Invest in good shoes. This is really the number one most important thing you can do. You should have at least two pairs of comfortable, everyday shoes that fit great and provide enough cushioning and support to keep pain and pressure away from your heels. A (very) little bit of elevation in the heel—about a quarter of an inch—is better than totally flat soles, and good arch support is crucial.
  • Don’t ignore your socks, either! Padded or compression socks can help cushion a painful heel and minimize swelling, too.
  • Orthotic inserts for your shoes add even more support and cushioning, especially for people with structural abnormalities (such as flat feet). Our office fits custom made orthotics, which are personalized to your exact foot shape to provide the maximum possible benefit.
  • If you have to stand in one spot for long periods of time, place a cushioned or rubber mat at your station. Your boss may even be willing to get one for you!
  • When you get a break, take some time to stretch your feet and calves. This helps alleviate tightness and pressure and improves flexibility, allowing your lower limbs to handle more stress comfortably.
  • When you get home, a quick foot massage can make a world of difference. You can do this yourself by simply rolling your foot over a tennis ball from heel to toe as you sit.

Heels Still Hurting? Get Professional Treatment!

We certainly hope that these tips will help you drastically reduce the amount of heel pain you experience throughout the day! However, if you’re still having problems, please call The Kansas Foot Center in Wichita, Newton, or Emporia today at (866) 222-5177, or fill out our online contact form. Acting quickly to reverse heel discomfort can save you significant time and pain!